BURBERRY最新上吊帽T 被譙翻「自殺不是時尚」

▲BURBERRY品牌最新秋冬裝帽T上的繩索被疑型似自殺用的繩子。(圖/翻攝自liz.kennedy_ IG)

▲BURBERRY品牌最新秋冬裝帽T上的繩索被疑型似自殺用的繩子。(圖/翻攝自liz.kennedy_ IG)



BURBERRY品牌模特兒甘迺迪(Liz Kennedy)在看到這款帽T展出後,不禁讓她聯想起家人曾經自殺的過往,更呼籲自殺不是時尚、也不是前衛和魅力的表現。當她想和主辦單位反映這件事時,卻被告知必須寫信,活動相關人員還直接回嗆「這只是時尚設計,你的不愉快回憶留給自己吧!」態度相當不以為然。

甘迺迪也氣得將此事PO上IG,還直接TAG BURBERRY執行長和設計總監,許多粉絲也紛紛應援她,痛批BURBERRY這次的服裝展。

此事情越演越烈後,BURBERRY執行長戈貝提(Marco Gobbetti)發表聲明並道歉,對這件衣服引發許多人不滿和風波深感抱歉,也承諾會盡速將最新的秋冬系列全部撤下。此次航海主題設計的創意總監提西(Riccardo Tisci)也澄清他不知道會引起這麼大的反彈,他表示,大家所稱的自殺設計和他的價值觀不同,也不代表BURBERRY品牌所要傳達的。


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@burberry @riccardotisci17 Suicide is not fashion. It is not glamorous nor edgy and since this show is dedicated to the youth expressing their voice, here I go. Riccardo Tisci and everyone at Burberry it is beyond me how you could let a look resembling a noose hanging from a neck out on the runway. How could anyone overlook this and think it would be okay to do this especially in a line dedicated to young girls and youth. The impressionable youth. Not to mention the rising suicide rates world wide. Let’s not forget about the horrifying history of lynching either. There are hundreds of ways to tie a rope and they chose to tie it like a noose completely ignoring the fact that it was hanging around a neck. A massive brand like Burberry who is typically considered commercial and classy should not have overlooked such an obvious resemblance. I left my fitting extremely triggered after seeing this look (even though I did not wear it myself). Feeling as though I was right back where I was when I was going through an experience with suicide in my family. Also to add in they briefly hung one from the ceiling (trying to figure out the knot) and were laughing about it in the dressing room. I had asked to speak to someone about it but the only thing I was told to do was to write a letter. I had a brief conversation with someone but all that it entailed was “it’s fashion. Nobody cares about what’s going on in your personal life so just keep it to yourself” well I’m sorry but this is an issue bigger than myself. The issue is not about me being upset, there is a bigger picture here of what fashion turns a blind eye to or does to gain publicity. A look so ignorantly put together and a situation so poorly handled. I am ashamed to have been apart of the show. #burberry. I did not post this to disrespect the designer or the brand but to simply express an issue I feel very passionate about.


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