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阿榮福利味/7-ZIP SFX Maker  自解壓縮檔製作


SFX自我解壓縮檔製作軟體 - 7-ZIP SFX Maker,雖然7-Zip已經內建自解壓縮檔製作功能了,但是功能非常陽春!這個工具可以加入已壓縮的7z檔再產出自解壓縮檔,它有相當多實用的客製化功能,包括加入專屬小圖示(*.ico)、使用解壓縮路徑參數、自訂解壓縮對話框文字...等等。(阿榮

[2012.07.20] 製作出來的自解壓縮檔應該是因為使用了UPX壓縮技術,而容易被許多非主流的防毒軟體誤判為病毒。

This is a tool for making Self Extracting EXE files from 7-ZIP files. This program uses the modified SFX module developed by Oleg Scherbakov.

This program requires .NET Framework 2.0 or above to run. Version 3.5 or 3.5 SP1 is recommended.

- Change SFX icon.
- Create shortcuts for current user or all users.
- Create environment variables.
- Run multiple programs one by one after extraction.
- Delete SFX file after extraction (Self-delete)
- Select overwrite mode for files.
- Hide extraction progress.
- Compress SFX stub with UPX to reduce size.
- Enable/disable XP Visual style.
- Set extraction path. Allow/deny users to change the path.
- Extract to temporary folder for software setups.
- Save/load settings.

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